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Christmas Opening Hours 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s not the computer at work causing the problem. That’s set up properly and the chair is comfortable. It’s the hours spent poring over a small screen; a phone or a tablet in the evenings, searching for that perfect Christmas gift.
It makes your neck stiff and achy, gives you headaches, and upsets your sleep.
Don’t worry, there’s a simple, do-it-yourself remedy. Gentle neck muscle stretches – with the emphasis on gentle.

– Sit up straight, resting your back against the chair.
– Drop your head forwards, chin to chest. Interlace your fingers and put your hands on the back of your head.
– Relax your arms, shoulders and neck and let your arms gently rest on your head.
 Relax back into the chair keeping your head down. Don’t pull, just let the weight of your arms gently stretch the muscles in the back of your neck.
 Count to 30.
– You can repeat this as often as you like provided you are very gentle.
– If the headache is really bad, wrap a cold pack in a tea-towel and put it on the back of your neck for just 5 minutes, repeat each hour and keep stretching.

neck stretch

Travelling at Christmas? 

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend with friends and family, although this often involves long hours of travel by plane, road or rail. Here are some travel top tips to keep you pain free this holiday season:

Lumbar supports: Popping a supportive aid at the base of your spine when in your aeroplane seat will help keep the spine in a neutral position and puts less pressure on our tailbone. This can be a pillow, or a rolled-up blanket often supplied by the airline or otherwise inflatable versions are available.

Massage ball: A tennis ball can be the perfect object for helping to get into sore tight muscles. Leaning against a wall and letting the ball work into the painful areas should provide some relief. You can also use it under the ball of your foot

Taking the stairs: At the airport and walking around. If you use a fitness tracker, try to set a goal of 1,000 steps at each airport you’re at.

Keeping hydrated: your back does better when your body is hydrated.

Comfortable footwear: that you can walk in, as well as travelling with a bag that you can walk with.

Skip the chair recline on the plane: This may encourage you to slump in your chair and flex the lower spine.

Tablets and mobilesBe aware that if you are looking down at a tablet or mobile device, this can cause tension along the whole back.

Clinic News 

The team will be attending the Afon House Cup at Druid’s Lodge Polo Club on Sunday 8th December, treating any aches and pains that the players might have.

polo team

Christmas 2019 Collection 

For Christmas this year, we have decided to collect gifts for the women and children of the local Women’s Refuge.

If you feel able to donate an unwrapped gift, please bring it in to the Clinic by
Friday 20th December at 11am. 

Please see below for some suggestions:
– Single sheets
– Small hot water bottle
– Toiletries gift sets
– Toothbrushes/Toothpaste for children
– Hot Chocolate/Coffee gift sets
– Cutlery sets
– Toys

Thank You in advance for your kindness and consideration 

Christmas Opening Hours 

Our Clinic hours for the festive season will be as follows:

The Clinic will close from 12.20pm on Monday, 23rd December and will resume normal clinic opening hours on Thursday, 2nd January 2020.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember, we also have online booking if you are on the move or out of hours…

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Chiropratic care for your baby

It is common to get strange looks from people I talk to about taking infants to the chiropractor. I know what is going through their heads: Is it safe? Babies don’t have back pain. Do babies get adjusted the same way I do? These are legitimate concerns for any parent, but to answer them we ask parents to come and talk to us

We love kids! We see babies and children of all ages, literally from birth. We have a special area of the clinic just for mothers and babies we aim to keep your baby comfy and happy.