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What we treat



Tension builds up in the neck muscles. This can be a gradual process from sitting still for too long at a desk. Or it can be after an accident such as a whiplash injury. The restricted movement leads to the joints in the neck becoming stiff. The pain from the tight muscles and stiff joints is felt in the head as a headache, or the muscle tension can restrict blood flow and trip a migraine if you are prone to migraines. Chiropractic can help with this and gently relieve the headache.


Neck pain can travel up and down the muscles and joints in the neck.

Chiropractic care gently relieves the tension in the muscles and joints causing the pain to ease, and allowing you to sleep comfortably.


Jaw pain and clicking is both painful and embarrassing. You don't want to eat in front of people. It can also lead to headaches because of the associated muscle tension. Chiropractic can gently settle clicky jaws and make eating more comfortable, and quieter!


Shoulder pain can be in the muscles on the top of the shoulder and be associated with neck pain. (see neck pain) Or it can be in the shoulder joint itself where it will restrict movement of the shoulder. This makes ordinary everyday tasks both painful and difficult. Chiropractic works to gently restore normal motion of the shoulder and relieve the pain. Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff issues and impingement can be treated.


Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are common complaints even if you don't play the sport. They are areas of pain around the elbow where muscle tension leads to bone pain whenever you try to take strain through the elbow. To relieve the muscle tension and remove the bone pain, the whole arm has to be addressed and the balance of the muscles restored. Chiropractic works to achieve this and allows the elbow to heal.


Wrists and hands often hurt in older patients, though we do see younger patients who have had injuries presenting with wrist and hand pain. Chiropractic works out the source of the pain, and gently restores normal motion to relieve the pain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury can be treated.


Rib pain is one of the sharpest pains there is. Ribs are very sensitive. Chiropractic care will work out why the rib is hurting (yes we can gently find out if the rib is cracked or broken. If it is, we can't treat it. We are good, but we can't fix broken bones). If the rib is not broken then we will work out why it is so painful and gently sort it out. Making you comfortable again. Rib pain can be from a fall or even from having a bad cough.


Stopping back pain is our main occupation. We understand how the back works and we know how disabling back pain can be. We can explain to you why the pain is there. Then we can gently restore normal movement to your back so you can sleep comfortably at night and get on with your life. Disc and joint injuries, tight muscles, pelvic pain and sacroiliac joint pain can all be treated.


Hip pain can be from arthritis, bursitis or from injuries. Chiropractic works out why the hip is hurting and then gently treats it to relieve the pain.


Leg pain can be caused by cramping muscles or by nerve irritation. Nerve irritation can be the result of a disc bulge, joint inflammation or sacroiliac joint sprain.


Knee pain is a common sporting injury. It often stops people doing their favourite sport. Knee pain is usually aggravated by tension in the surrounding muscles of the thigh and calf. These muscles are working hard to protect the knee. Chiropractic will work out why the pain is in the knee, then gently reposition the knee so that it functions better and then surrounding muscles can relax. And you can return to the sport you love. Ligament damage, runner' knee and patellofemoral pain syndrome can be treated.


Ankle and foot pain often follow injuries such as a sprained ankle. When joints are stretched beyond their normal limit, such as with a sprained ankle, the joints don't always sit well afterwards, as they heal. Chiropractic will work out where the tension is and gently reposition any jammed up joints so the ankle and foot can function normally. And the pain stops. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles pain can be treated.


Babies and infants can be uncomfortable if the tiny joints in their backs are not moving freely. Especially if you have a large baby from a small Mum. The baby is locked into a restricted space in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Or if you have a difficult birth. The baby's back can become tight. They want to be held all the time. They cry when you lie them down because they are uncomfortable. And nobody sleeps. Chiropractic very gently makes your baby's back more comfortable with a technique called touch and hold. You won't see anything happening but you will be very aware of the results. Your comfortable baby will sleep...and so will you and the rest of your family.


Carrying the weight of a growing baby puts a lot of physical stress onto the Mum's body. As well as the increase in weight and the change in the centre of gravity, there is the slackening off of the joints as the body prepares for the birthing process. All these features make your body more vulnerable to injury. So please be careful and avoid any heavy lifting. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is very gentle and supports you with treatment and advice to ensure you are as well as possible when your time comes to give birth. Pelvic girdle pain and pubic symphesis pain can be treated.


Arthritis is very common in the UK. It's a normal aging process. It can also be the result of old joint injuries. Arthritis tends to make joints stiffen up. Then they may become painful. Though there seems to be no correlation between the level of pain and the level of arthritic changes in a joint. Chiropractic gently restores movement back to the joint. The movement will not be as full as it used to be but it will be considerably less painful.


Techniques we use



Physical manipulation is used to gently restore movement to joints. Chiropractors have a profound understanding of the anatomy and neurology of the body. We train for four years on a full-time degree course to learn how to treat safely.


Soft tissue techniques restore comfort and normal function to muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Dry Needling is used by chiropractors trained in the skill. Dry needling is an effective way of relaxing tight muscles.


The Activator is a precision instrument. It is a small accurate rubber-tipped punch which gently nudges a joint to restore movement to the joint.


Therapeutic Ultrasound uses sound waves to create movement within tissues. It is used to reduce swelling and to promote healing.


Postural advice is given to all our patients to help you understand how to function as comfortably as possible. We can show you how to sit, stand and walk so your body is working at it's optimum. We can show you how to lift and carry with less effort and less risk of injury. We can show you how to slightly alter your posture when performing your sport to achieve better results whether it's golf, cycling or running.

For Rehabilitation we provide personalised exercise programs to strengthen and stabilise your joints.

Stretching exercises are given to patients so they can work on the muscles to get maximum benefit from the treatment they are receiving. Core stabilisation is a series of exercises to strengthen the small muscles which support and move the spine. Making these muscles work better makes your back stronger and safer. So core stabilisation is taught to patients to reduce the risk of re-injury.


Cranial work is a very gentle technique used to balance the jaw and to relieve tension around the head and face.


Touch and hold and cranial work are used on babies and infants because they are both very gentle and effective. Touch and hold is exactly that. A finger is placed gently over any stiff joint and held there until the joint releases. Cranial work balances the motion of the spine from the head to the sacrum at the bottom of the spine. Babies usually find the treatment very relaxing and will often fall asleep during the treatment sessions. They certainly sleep better afterwards.