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Patient Testimonials

  • Dina

    I wanted to say a huge, big thank you for the wonderful treatment you have been giving both Mum for the last, 6 months, and for my shoulder in the last few weeks. You have also been treating me for my shoulder and neck problems … After just a few sessions my movement is back to normal, the pain has gone and I have had no headaches. I really cannot remember the last time I felt this good.
  • Jaimie

    This is the first time I have felt discomfort following a vehicle collision and the chiropractic session I had with you (Sandie) really helped in relieving the pain in my neck, shoulder and back. I last used you a number of years ago when suffering from a bad shoulder after lifting heavy items and on that occasion your magic worked wonders. I am pleased to say your 'magic' is still working. Lastly, I was particularly impressed and appreciative of your evening call after the treatment to check that I was feeling okay.
  • James K

    It’s only when things don’t work properly that you realise how much you take them for granted, but thankfully I knew the best place to turn for help. Your expert manipulation and excellent advice on stretches and posture have resulted in a complete reduction of pain and full movement back in my arm. Many thanks again Niki for your care and advice’.
  • Jan

    From the start of the experience I was looked after and made to feel tremendously welcome and cared for. Then there was Nicola who carried out the treatments on me. She is extremely knowledgeable and good at what she does, chatting and putting me at my ease whilst treating. I'd like to thank Sandie and her team for giving the wonderful and caring service that they give. I shall very happily recommend them to the wider community.
  • John - Optician

    When I examined my patient, I felt that a prismatic spectacle correction was only part of the solution and recommended that your advice be sought. Two months later I have reviewed my patient and what a transformation. Full head movement, no back pain and no headaches. There was, however, a huge smile and an enormous amount of gratitude for your expert attention. I'm told that you instilled confidence from day one and achieved an outcome beyond expectation.
  • Michaela

    I recently experienced very disturbing neck pain and after trying every possible pain killer I decided to visit Sandie at Afon House. She was able to fix my neck within 45 minutes and I can now sleep and turn my head without a problem. I would recommend Sandie with confidence if you are suffering any kind of discomfort.
  • Simon

    I am always amazed at how quickly the source of the problem is identified, no matter how obscure the connection may be to a layman such as myself. Once treated, I have always found work and cycling much easier and also pain free.
  • Simon E

    Over the years I have had a number of problems with my neck and back which Sandie has always treated quickly and accurately. I would recommend Sandie without hesitation.
  • Simon T

    I happened to mention to Sandie that I had a problem with my right elbow. Then and there, after touching my forearm and elbow in a certain place, she diagnosed tennis elbow. I made an appointment at Afon House and saw Sandie’s colleague. Had I not seen Verity I most probably would have found it very difficult to carry on my painting work. Thanks to her expertise, care and advice I have been able to carry on and look forward to her continuing help.
  • Sonja

    I was given a thorough examination and you put right several mis-alignments with amazing results. Of even greater value, you patiently explained and demonstrated to me the likely cause of my shoulder pain… Thank you once again for your patience, careful explanations and for being a gentle and cracking good chiropractor.
  • Stephane

    A lot of people have said how good a chiropractor you (Sandie) are. I wish to say that not only is this true, but your team is just as excellent. Niki's knowledge is amazing, and her abilities wonderful. She put me at ease, explained clearly and carefully what was going on, what was going to happen, and what course to follow. The service she has given me is second to none. Much thanks to you, firstly for creating your team, and to Niki for a relatively painless session.
  • Tara R

    A huge thank you Niki for keeping my back in order. Without you I would not have managed the quick and positive birth we had. Thank you so much.
  • Jo 68 yrs

    I have been seeing Frankie regularly for three years now and she has helped me tremendously. I am now able to keep mobile, and be comfortable at my sewing machine without having to stop due to the pain. I always look forward to seeing her and feeling a million dollars after my visit!

  • Kevin 48 yrs

    Frankie has treated me for 5 years after I slipped a disc. I have not had any reoccurrence of the leg pain and my regular visits help to keep me playing golf and run my business

  • Rebecca 37 yrs

    I am always amazed at how quickly the source of the problem is identified, no matter how obscure the connection may be to a layman such as myself. Once treated, I have always found work and cycling much easier and also pain free.

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