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Testimonials from our Patients

Simon T

I happened to mention to Sandie that I had a problem with my right elbow. Then and there, after touching my forearm and elbow in a certain place, she diagnosed tennis elbow. I made an appointment at Afon House and saw Sandie’s colleague. Had I not seen Verity I most probably would have found it very difficult to carry on my painting work. Thanks to her expertise, care and advice I have been able to carry on and look forward to her continuing help.


This is the first time I have felt comfort following a vehicle collision and the chiropractic session I had with you (Sandie) really helped in relieving the pain in my neck, shoulder and back. I last used you a number of years ago when suffering from a bad shoulder after lifting heavy items and on that occasion your magic worked wonders. I am pleased to say your ‘magic’ is still working. Lastly, I was particularly impressed and appreciative of your evening call after the treatment to check that I was feeling okay.


I wanted to say a huge, big thank you for the wonderful treatment you have been giving both Mum for the last, 6 months, and for my shoulder in the last few weeks. You have also been treating me for my shoulder and neck problems … After just a few sessions my movement is back to normal, the pain has gone and I have had no headaches. I really cannot remember the last time I felt this good.


For Afon House … Not only did you resolve the immediate problems for my son but you also picked up some functional problems which will increase his mobility power and speed. He is now back on the football pitch … After talking to your staff … I realized that the working environment within our office was not helping to promote good posture and adding to upper back problems. After receiving treatment for a stiff neck and TMJ issue we have now incorporated workstation assessments helping us identify problems before they arise. This has led us to purchasing new desks and screen height boosters. This has increased the morale and productivity within the office. I cannot thank you all enough at Afon House for all the hard work, commitment and time put into helping others.


For Sandie … Sandie is the most comprehensive chiropractor I have ever seen. She goes through every element of what’s going on and has even pin pointed the site of an old injury which is the cause to most of my concerns.


I am always amazed at how quickly the source of the problem is identified, no matter how obscure the connection may be to a layman such as myself. Once treated, I have always found work and cycling much easier and also pain free.

John - Optician

When I examined my patient, I felt that a prismatic spectacle correction was only part of the solution and recommended that your advice be sought. Two months later I have reviewed my patient and what a transformation. Full head movement, no back pain and no headaches. There was, however, a huge smile and an enormous amount of gratitude for your expert attention. I’m told that you instilled confidence from day one and achieved an outcome beyond expectation.

Over the years I have had a number of problems with my neck and back which Sandie has always treated quickly and accurately. I would recommend Sandie without hesitation.

David L

Absolutely fantastic. I came in on a bus from Cambridge and my back was completely messed up from the ride. Lucy made me right as rain. The best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. Only wish I lived here to see her again. Highly recommended.

Nikki E

Wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful chiropractors. The best I've been to with outstanding staff with the option of specialities. I've personally been seen by Verity a number if times to help with sport related issues and have benefited from Sandie's immense knowledge at a number of talks I've attended. Highly recommended them and encourage you to book in for a free consultation.

Louise L

An incredible place with the loveliest of people. I owe Sandi a lot for how much she has helped me. Could not recommend more highly. ⭐️

Jill R

I usually see Sandy but if you are in a lot of discomfort it is absolutely ok to see one of her assistants. This morning a visit to see Lucy was an excellent way to relieve the pain I felt in my shoulder. Whoever you see , be assured it will be worth it. Thank you Afon House Staff for always being there for me and for everyone else.

Gary S

Been well looked after by Verity Moore for years! Always recommend without hesitation. Professionalism and service is first rate.

Les T

I came in to see Sandi after being told I had no options over than having an operation on my back. I spent 2 weeks in agony with my back and side. After 40minnits with Sandi I was able to stand up straight and walk out. I have literally gone from having no options with no light at the end of the tunnel to having that glimmer of hope that I can get better. I would recommend Afon house and there team to anybody with pain 5 stars and thank you for giving me hope

Paul W

After many years of suffering severe back pain and trying a variety of physio exercises and visits to various practitioners with varying degrees of success I contacted Afon in 2019. One of the best decisions of my life. I was referred to Lucy and after a diagnostic appointment and a short course of treatment she not only identified the problem but successfully treated the cause. I cannot praise Lucy and the Afon team highly enough for relieving me of this pain, but more importantly allowing me to face the future knowing that any reccurrence can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.I have since had two further occasions where I have hurt my back and each time I was seen very quickly (this week on the same day as my request for an appointment!) and the issue was resolved, once again leaving me free of pain.A further complication for me was that in February of 2019 I underwent major cancer surgery and then a period of chemotherapy. Lucy was a great support and I must commend her for being very attentive to the needs of the patient and in particular with regard to underlying medical conditions.For anyone considering using a chiropractor then from my own experience I would highly recommend Afon.

Welly W

The service is always top notch from the very begin of the process all the way through. Julie the office manager is highly professional with a great level of genuine interest in the people she meets. Verity Moore the chiropractor clearly knows her stuff (As I’m sure they all do!) however, with first hand experience I can absolutely vouch for a superb all around well being service, sometimes I think its a double deal with a physiatrist!Not being overly fond of being man handled I was very cautious of the idea, but the way they can all set you at ease is a credit to the level of service Afon House has perfected.Thank you!

Kayie B

Just AMAZING!I have been suffering for 2 years with various muscular and skeletal issues and having seen various Consultants, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, had MRI scans and X-Rays and I was at the end of my wits as my pain just seemed to be getting worse.A recommendation was made for me to see Lucy at Afon House and for me, this was my final chance before giving up and just accepting that this is how I will live the rest of my life.ONE session with Lucy and I am already well on my way to recovery. She listened intently to every ache and pain and whilst most would probably not know where to start, Lucy tackled each issue one at a time. I could turn my neck into a position that I hadn't been able to do for months! Her treatments were like nothing I'd ever experienced before. She pin pointed everything very quickly which means we are now able to move on and treat the pain instead of years of going round in circles not knowing what was causing my issues....I could have cried with joy!!! (In fact, I think I had tears but I hope she didn't notice). Lucy, and the rest of the team, are absolutely incredible at what they do and I cannot recommend them enough. You feel welcome as soon as you walk in and you are very well looked after.I cannot wait for my next session....my life just got 100% better!

Guy B

I had my first appointment at Afon house today with Verity. Not only professional service from the moment you walk in the door but also excellent treatment, offering discussion and help not just direction on what to do. Left feeling much better, with a clear plan forwards and exercises to aid recovery. I would recommend Afon house to everyone.

Annabel H-B

I've been going to Sandie for chiropractic help for nearly 20 years - which is a testament in itself! Sandie is not only 100% professional but goes far beyond that in every way, in her care for her patients. She's a genius chiropractor (it's not surprising that she's one of Europe's top teachers of chiropractic to those lucky students at Bournemouth) but she's also charming, caring and able to communicate brilliantly, so that you always understand what she is doing and why. She has a knack for knowing exactly what is wrong and where and why it hurts - and putting it right! She is fantastically generous with her time and you always walk out of the clinic knowing that you have been thoroughly and sympathetically checked, and wonderfully looked after. She is so gentle and caring that I even trusted her to work on my children when they were very small - and now they are in their 20s and, for my daughter, a trip to Sandie is one of the great treats of coming home! She knows she will feel so much better after Sandie has worked on her!Julie is an utterly outstanding practice manager - so caring and welcoming and efficient, and she takes such an interest in the clients that she and Sandie feel more like family friends now, than just members of an exceptional chiropractic clinic. Lindsay is another smiling, cheerful, welcoming face on reception - the whole team radiates warmth, kindness and professionalism. I've recommended several friends to the practice - not something I would do lightly - and they have been amazed and delighted at the difference Sandie has made to their lives. I have never before written a Google review, but feel everyone should know how exceptional Sandie and her team are!

Adrian B

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Outstanding care from start to finish: professional, polite - miracle workers!

Dan S

Great service would highly recommend. Very helpful.

Pavlina H

Alice definitely worked some magic on my partner. After he could not move & he was in an excruciating pain, he had a consultation & first treatment with Alice last week. She fixed his back & pelvis & re-aligned his body. He felt so good & relieved after the session. He was so impressed with Alice & the immediate positive result. He went back for another session & also, he booked me for a consultation & first treatment with Alice. I was amazed how much great work Alice did on myself. I feel so good now. We will be definitely back! A big thank you to Alice & lovely staff.