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Rib Pain

Does this describe you?

  • You are struggling with Rib Pain and are not sure what to do or who to ask.
  • You are frustrated that your Rib Pain is stopping you from doing the things you love.
  • You are having difficulty sleeping because of your Rib Pain and this is affecting your energy and wellbeing during the day.
  • You are taking painkillers or other medication for your Rib Pain and would like to stop.
  • You are starting to worry that this isn't ever going to get better as episodes of your Rib Pain are getting more frequent and taking longer to go.
  • Rib Pain causes lack of concentration, poor sleep, bad temper and generally makes life exceedingly difficult.

  • Rib Pain is one of the sharpest pains there is. Ribs are extremely sensitive.
  • To ascertain if the pain is coming from a rib, the pain will be linked to breathing, or if less severe, to coughing.
  • Rib pain can be from a fall or even from having a bad cough.
  • Here at Afon House our highly experienced team are dedicated to serving the local community in Salisbury and surrounding areas helping Rib Pain sufferers just like you get back to doing the things they love.

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Your chiropractor will work out why the rib is hurting (yes, we can gently find out if the rib is cracked or broken. If it is, we can't treat it. We are good, but we can't fix broken bones). If the rib is not cracked or broken, then we will work out why it is so painful and gently sort it out. Making you comfortable again.


First Aid for Rib Pain

The most effective first aid for rib pain is a cold pack. Wrap a cold pack (a bag of frozen peas works well) in a couple of tea towels and place it over the area of pain for 20 minutes only. Put it back in the freezer for at least an hour to allow your skin to recover, then repeat. If the cold pack is too cold, put another tea towel around it. This will help. Don’t use heat. If you are taking medication for the pain, it will be an anti-inflammatory drug – to cool things down. If you use the medication with heat, you will be cancelling one out with the other! Use a cold pack to enhance the effect of the medication.

Still getting pain?

If you have tried resting it but the pain comes back again as soon as you push it, come in and see us.

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